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NEW Online Amel Book This Online Amel Book is included at no charge if you have subscribed to 2 or more years of 24/7 Support. It is updated weekly and has links to over 2,500 individual files regarding your Amel. These files (Supplement) are stored in the Cloud and require the Internet to access them. Click here to view and/or download these index pages which are located at the end of the Online book. From a very experienced Amel owner in Europe: "First impression: very good. I used it first on my iPad which had some performance issues. On my MacBook, it works fine. Content is impressive and having it as an up-to-date online tool, I can recommend every Amel owner."

Access to the online book is as low as $100 per year with a 3-year subscription. The Online Amel Book is available to any client of Amel Owners Yacht School and any member of the Amel Yacht Owners Group, regardless of whether they have an Amel Book, or has taken any Amel Course. Your access and password will be emailed within 24 hours of your purchase. 
 - A subscription for 1-Year is $150. 
 - A subscription for 2-Years is $250 ($125/year).   
 - A subscription for 3-Years is $300 ($100/year). 
Your access and password will be emailed within 24 hours of your purchase. PayPal or credit card. Refundable if not 100% satisfied.

Online Amel Book

Single Incident Support ($100) is available to any owner at any time, regardless of whether he has an Amel Book, has taken any Amel Course, or is an Amel Owners Yacht School client. 

1-Year 24/7 Support ($350) is available to any Amel owner, is available to any owner at any time, regardless of whether he has an Amel Book, has taken any Amel Course, or is an Amel Owners Yacht School client.  

2-Years of 24/7 Support ($650) also includes 2-years use of the Online Amel Book 

5-Years 24/7 Support ($1,500-$1,800) clients have access to the Online Amel Book. 5 Year 24/7 Support is available to most clients. Included with 5 years 24/7 Support is 5 years access to the online to a real-time Amel Book, and Transshipment of Parts purchased from US retailers such as Amazon via DHL to anywhere in the world, charging only for the cost of transport to you. 

Pre-Sale Reviews ($600) I now offer Amel Specific Pre-Sale along with my Pre-Purchase reviews. I have offered Amel buyers Pre-Purchase Reviews for about 2 years. Recently and because of numerous requests, I have begun offering Pre-Sale Reviews. I understand the complexities of buying and selling an Amel yacht and the issues in the purchase process. 

Amel Book Supplements: ($0) These are different than the Amel Book. This is a total of all of the Amel information I have acquired and compiled over a 15 year period. Some of these files were offered by knowledgeable Amel owners in the Amel Yacht Owners Group, others directly from other Amel owners and Amel suppliers. I have made available over 2,500 individual files (over 3 gigs of information) for download. If printed, this would be more than 20,000 pages. New Book Supplements are available immediately after I produce or acquire them. Click here to download a 2-page index of the Amel Book Supplements.

Amel Orientation Cruise with Extras ($2,400 income to Amel owner)
Amel 7-day Orientation & Learning Cruise aboard an Amel hosted by an Amel owner/captain: The learning portion will follow an Amel Owners Yacht School approved Learning Outline. This Cruise will include a copy 400-page Amel Book, as well as, an Amel Owners Yacht School "Certificate of Completion." 
More hosts are needed.