About Bill - Qualifications:

Owned BeBe Amel Super Maramu with my wife, Judy, for 11 yrs
Circumnavigated on BeBe
Logged 40,000 miles on BeBe
Judy and I won Sailing Today "Sailor of the Year 2016" 
Admiral, Texas Navy - Commissioned by the Governor in 2012
Commander Emeritus, Texas Navy - Awarded 2016
Recommended by hundreds of Amel owners
Wrote many Amel maintenance and operations procedures
Currently supports hundreds of Amel owners, worldwide

Judy and Bill Rouse aboard BeBe in the Canary Islands 2016

About Bill - References from Amel Owners:

•“When I see a post from Bill Rouse, I never question if it is correct or not. I take it as fact. “ Mark Erdos Creampuff SM275
•“Your evangelizing for the "Amel Way" has done a great service to all Amel owners. Your detailed knowledge of how these boats work and what to do when they do not work has made all of us other owners the better.” Bill Kinney Harmonie SM 160,
•“You have been a great help to me and IMO ( and clearly many others feel the same way) have made a huge contribution to the Amel Owners Group.” James Alton SV Sueno,  Maramu #220
•“I have been guided by Bill and Judy both on the forum and privately for almost a year before I finally found the right boat.” John Clark Vent de Soleil SM 037
•“My limited knowledge has expanded incredibly thanks to many owners out there. But when the discussions don't reach a unanimous conclusion Bill always seems to put things to bed.” Ian Park Ocean Hobo SN96
•As a newbie and still looking to buy an Amel, I have been amazed at all the insight and information you share Bill. Courtney Gorman
•“I have been reading almost everything and I would like to add that Bill brings a passion to this wonderful creation.  So a big thanks to Bill you have made my learning so much better and given me confidence in the "Amel system"- and actually - you and the forum have "sold" me on the AMEL.” Jim Kennedy
•“While Bill’s technical advice has been valuable I believe his aggressive (in the nicest possible way) insistence that we change nothing until we have owned the boat some time has been even more valuable and has contributed markedly to maintaining the value of the fleet. I am sure many of us have been saved from unwise actions by his advice.” Danny Simms Ocean Pearl SM299
•“Bill’s advice has been generous and accurate.” Tom Peacock Aletes, SM 240
•“Bill has been a great resource and long-distance mentor to Peg and I.  Early in our Amel search, Bill responded to a question I put on the forum of an Amel in the Northeast and actually volunteered to meet us there to look it over with us.  I had never met Bill, other than reading his posts and a few back and forth’s on this forum.  That kind of camaraderie is pretty well unknown in this world outside of military service.  Bill combines that spirit with an amazing degree of engineering skill, how many of us would diagnose an air-conditioning fault to one of its several capacitors?  Most of us would have just ordered up another AC unit!” Duane Siegfried Wanderer SM#477
•“I have owned my SM now for over 4 years and without the help and guidance from Bill, I would often have been lost.  He has saved me a lot of money and time.” Gerhard Pepino SM 381
•“Bill saved me many hours of troubleshooting as well as dollars when sourcing parts. I keep the "BeBe" file along with my owners' manual in a prominent place.  You're encyclopedic knowledge and diagnostic skills will be greatly missed.  I too hope you will stay involved with the owner's group. “ Ben Driver La Bella Vita SM 347
•“Admiral Bill, although a newbie here, I have read enough to know that your presence and contributions in The Amel Owners Group are immeasurable. I sincerely thank you for the many years of assistance to all Amel Owners and to the brand itself.” Paul Stascavage s/v Rita Kathryn SM #466
•”Thanks to Bill for all your detailed advice which has helped us greatly.” Mohammad Shirloo B&B Kokomo AMEL 54#099
•“We are very grateful to Bill and Judy for all their advice over the years and for having us aboard BeBe in Barcelona in 2014 and hope to remain in contact.  Wonderful sailors.” Francisco Peregrinus SM2K350
•“Bill, I want to thank you for taking the time to respond to my questions when I was looking for advice. Jeff Kraus Spirit Amel 54 #14
• “Your solutions for issues are spot on, and the deep understanding of the Amel yachts and their philosophy on systems makes you so invaluable to all who own an Amel.” Dan Freerksen