The Amel Book Written by an Experienced Amel Owner:
I wrote this 400 page "Amel Book." I have it color-printed on 100-pound (271gsm) gloss cardstock and 100-pound (271gsm) matte paper. It is 3-hole punched and inserted in a custom 3-ring binder with custom tabs. This book is an operation and maintenance reference guide for many Amel models with the majority of the content pertaining to Amel Super Maramus and Amel 54s. Owners of Santorin, Amel 55, and Amel 50 will find many common items. The Amel Book is not a replacement for the Amel Owners Manual or Amel Users Guide. The Amel Book assumes that you are completely familiar with each of these, as well as, the manufacturer's manuals for installed devices.

My Amel Book is an experienced owner's guide that will help you through the most
common maintenance and repair procedures, as well as, many operations procedures. Many Yacht School clients participate in updates to the book by submitting ideas, photos, challenges, and solutions, which I incorporate in updates and in the next printing of the Amel Book. These new or revised updated pages are downloadable online at the CLIENT ACCESS tab. This client participation results in as many as 100 actual Amel operator experiences, resulting in the best and most complete source of operation and maintenance instructions and experiences available to the owners of Amel yachts.

The Sept 2021 printing of the Amel Book is now available. Since the last printing, there have been many pages added and many more of the other pages have been updated. As the Super Maramu and Amel 54 get older, there are things that have never needed attention before. The Sept 2021 Amel Book is the most complete book yet with a growing quantity of information for the 55 and 50. This new printing includes all of the pages added or modified AND includes over 300 "Pearls of Wisdom" from Bill Rouse and other "jewels" like the recommendations for lubricants, rust mitigation, and cleaning products. It also includes several historical "Amel Factoid" pages. 

NEW Online Amel Book This 400-page Online Amel Book subscription has special pricing for Amel Owners Yacht School clients and also members of the Amel Yacht Owners Group. It is updated weekly and has links to over 2,500 individual files regarding your Amel. These files (Supplement) are stored in the Cloud and require the Internet to access them. See a Sample of the Online Book here. Included with this subscription is access to Discounts on Amel OEM Parts and Services.

NEW Amel Book Supplements are available online to all Amel Book owners:These are different than the Amel Book. This is a total of all of the Amel information I have acquired and compiled over a 15 year period. I have made available over 2,500 individual files (over 3 gigs of information) for download. If printed, this would be more than 20,000 pages. New Book Supplements are available immediately after I produce or acquire them. Here is an example of an Amel Book Supplement: Replace Motor Mounts and Align Engine SM

Sample actual pages in the Amel Book:
View 20 of the 400 pages including the contents page in Online Amel Book

The 400-page Amel Book can be bundled with my 24/7 Support Packages. Although I do not recommend it, you may choose to buy the Amel Book without training or support. See Bundle choices below.

The Amel Book Purchase Options:

The 400-page Amel Book with online Updates & Supplements add the Online Amel Book for $150 - 1 year, $250 - 2 years, $300 - 3 years 


1Plus shipping cost

The Amel Book can be Bundled with 24/7 Support  Special Bundled Pricing:

1 year of 24/7 Support including the Amel Book add the Online Amel Book for $150 - 1 year, $250 - 2 years, $300 - 3 years  


2 years of 24/7 Support including the Amel Book - also includes 2 years of the Online Amel Book 


5 Year 24/7 Support including the Amel Book also includes 5 years access to the Online Amel Book *$1500 if you already have an Amel Book 

1Plus shipping cost
Shipping Cost: US Postal Service Priority Mail US and US Territories $16.25. 
Priority Mail International: Canada $54.65, Europe $80.60. Service is suspended by USPS to New Zealand and Australia due to the absence of air transportation.

What is included with the Amel Book: 
Regardless of which option you choose you will also receive:
- Online updates to your Amel Book
- Amel Book Supplements - All of the Amel information I have acquired and compiled with over 3 gigs of information available for download. Sample: Motor Mounts Replace and Align Engine SM
Preferred Vendor Discounts on OEM and replacement parts for as long as you own your Amel.
- Because of the delay in shipping due to COVID-19, you will have temporary access to the 400-page Online Amel Book until you receive the actual book

Ordering the Amel Book: Please email including your name, address, phone, and Amel Model and Hull#.

Note from US Postal Service regarding International Priority Mail: As a result of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, Postal ServiceTM Priority Mail® products and First-ClassTM packages may temporarily experience delivery delays due to limited commercial airline space. The U.S. Postal Service® is now deploying alternate delivery methods in order to resume the delivery of packages.  Most packages destined to select destinations will now go by sea.  Sea route arrival dates are not exact and may vary depending on weather-related events and queuing at the port of arrival. 

Regarding the delays in transportation, I have arranged for my Amel Book to be
viewable online. Anyone experiencing delays will be given access to this online book. Normally only clients that have subscribed to 2 or more years of 24/7 Support have access to the Online Amel Book. Click for a sample view.