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Online Amel Book (click for a sample) The Online Book is updated weekly and has links to over 6,500 individual files regarding your Amel. These files (Supplement Files) are stored in the Cloud and require the Internet to access them. There are links to Supplement Files on many Online Book pages. On page 5 of the Online Book, you will find a summary index page of links to all of the Supplement File Folders. The Online Amel Book is included at no charge with Amel Book & 24/7 Support Bundles that include 2 or more years of 24/7 SupportFrom a very experienced SM owner: The online book is very, very good.  "The embedded links are great.  I'm repacking my rudder currently and learned a few new things. The very best feature IMHO is the search function and the helpful display of search result text thumbnails--In 19 years of sailing and working on Amels MY PRAYERS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED." 

Access to the online book is as low as $100 per year with a 3-year subscription. The Online Amel Book is available to any client of Amel Owners Yacht School and any member of the Amel Yacht Owners Group, regardless of whether they have an Amel Book or have taken any Amel Course. Your access and password will be emailed within 24 hours of your purchase. 
 - A subscription for 1 year is $150. 
 - A subscription for 2 years is $250 ($125/year).   
 - A subscription for 3 years is $300 ($100/year). 
Your access and password will be emailed within 24 hours of your purchase. PayPal or credit card. Refundable if not 100% satisfied.

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- Access to Online Amel Book Always up-to-date (click for sample)
- Access to Amel Book Supplements
- Preferred Vendor Discounts on OEM and replacement parts.

From a very experienced Amel owner in Europe: "First impression: very good.
I used it first on my iPad which had some performance issues. On my MacBook, it works fine. Content is impressive and having it as an up-to-date online tool, I can recommend every Amel owner."

Online Amel Book