ABOUT: Everything that you need to know about Amel Owners Yacht School(formerly Amel School)
My wife, Judy, and I enjoyed 11 years circumnavigating the world aboard our 2003 Amel Super Maramu, BeBe. Judy and I logged over 40,000 miles and visited 58 countries. Our Circumnavigation Blog aboard BeBe, SM #387, is at If you are interested in the Cost of Cruising, listen to an Audio Podcast with Bill & Judy explaining the costs of cruising, follow this link: Bill & Judy "Costs of Cruising" Podcast.

Originally, I called my effort "Amel School" with the slogan, "Prepare to Cast Off." Recently and because of my success, the top executive of Amel told me I could no longer use "Amel School." That actually made no difference to me because my brand is "Bill Rouse" and what I was doing was schooling Amel owners to "Prepare To Cast Off." In April 2019, I completed changing the name from Amel School to Amel Owners Yach…