Certified Preowned Amels:      Available for SM2k, A54, A55, and A50 - I certify preowned Amels for Owners and Brokers. A Preowned Certification is perfect for all Amels, including the Super Maramu and newer Amels. It is ideal for those Amels in remote areas or where the Amel's value is not apparent. A Seller can give a potential Buyer a Report and Estimate completed after an extensive review by Bill Rouse and a recent Survey performed 
by one of the best Amel surveyors in the world. This is the best way to sell your Amel, whether you are selling it privately or through a broker. Buyers will consider a Certified Preowned Amel before any other Amel, especially with an optional survey by a respected Amel surveyor.

Amel Preowned Certification can include an optional Full Survey performed by one of the best surveyors of Amels in the world. This consists of the surveyors I recommend below. This is the best way to sell your Amel. Most of the Buyer's doubt and uncertainty are eliminated, and actual value is established by known third parties to the sale. This should cut the time from listing to closing in half.

My Review and Certification of Preowned Amel Yachts consists of these parts: 
  1. A Certified Preowned Amel Report - informs the Buyer of the Condition and establishes the value. This is the "certification." For a sample of a Certified Preowned Amel Report (click here). 
  2. A spreadsheet listing items that should be addressed. It is divided into the Owner's responsibility and the Buyer's responsibility. An example of the Buyer's responsibility is reprogramming an EPIRB & VHF with your information. For a sample of a Certified Preowned Amel Spreadsheet (click here). 
  3. An optional complete Full Survey, Sea Trial, and valuation certified by one of the best surveyors for Amels.
The report will be certified to meet a specific category in the List of "Condition Categories" I use for Amels (click here). The certification is perfect for Amels in excellent condition. Still, it is equally valuable for Amels requiring a major refit because the certification report and spreadsheet give the Owner and seller a valid estimate of the refit costs involved. I also divide the involved costs into the owners' and buyers' responsibilities.

It is always best that the Owner and broker carefully examine and correctly value the Amel before it is publicly listed for sale. It is usually better to correct most issues before the first showing. In most cases, the Owner, Broker, and Buyer should have a Certification of Condition available. The certification can save time and eliminate negotiation for the sake of negotiation.

In the past 3 years, I have consulted with Buyers on nearly 70% of all preowned Amels sold worldwide. I understand Amel Buyers better than anyone. The following are major Buyer objections when shopping for an Amel:
          1. Uncertainty about what they want and what Amel offers
          2. Unknown condition anxiety. 
          3. Difficulty understanding value. 
Preowned Amel Certification establishes facts and certifies condition and value. 

REFFERAL: I will refer my Purchase Consulting Clients to you. There is no fee or commission for this referral.

For Owners or Brokers, the process is simple:
  • You take about 250-350 very specific photos and videos. I give you a list and examples of these. You will also answer some specific questions I give you about your Amel. Your answers to my questions will be at least twice the information typically used in a listing for sale. More information mitigates Buyer's doubts and equates to greater value. You also share copies of previous surveys, invoices for major maintenance expenses, copies of your registration, and Tax-paid status. Also, you may have some valuable additions on your Amel that you should submit because sometimes this requires a 3rd party explanation for the Buyer to recognize the value.
  • I will analyze all the information you send and the information I already have to create the Certified Preowned Amel report and documents. The sum of the information will allow a complete and transparent assessment of your Amel, assigning her a Condition Category.
  • If you choose the Optional Full Survey, Sea Trial, and Valuation by one of the best surveyors for Amels, I will arrange, hire, and coordinate that process for you.
  • I will update the original Summary after any corrections you may make or have done.

Certified Preowned Amels  * This is a flat price, regardless of the hours needed to complete.  
Super Maramu or A54 - Review, Report, and 2 revisions   
A50 or A55 - Review, Report, and 2 revisions
Optional Full Survey, Sea Trial, and valuation by one of the best surveyors for Amels.
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Recommended People Important To You And Your Amel:
Recommended Brokers:
Jean Paul "JP" BAHUAUD
Caraibe Yachts / Caribbean Yachts 
Guadalupe,  St. Martin, & Martinique
+ 590 690 35 01 98
Stephanie DUPLAND
Caraibe Yachts / Caribbean Yachts Martinique
La Marina du Marin
97 290 Le Marin, Martinique, FWI
+596 596 74 16 70
Benoit SIZUN
Europe, France
(Mob): +33 (0) 646 718 233
Riza Cagdas Cakir
Turkey, Europe, Worldwide
Channel R (Amel representative)
​​+90 532 495 65 39 +90 252 645 24 68
David Allouch
Sail Tahiti
Yacht Club de Tahiti. BP 11457
Mahina, Tahiti, 98701
+689 87 32 88 45
French Polynesia 
Nikki Puttergill
Sail Tahiti
Yacht Club de Tahiti, BP 11457
Mahina, Tahiti, 98701
+689 87 24 28 75
French Polynesia 

Recommended Surveyor:Recommended Surveyor:

Olivier BEAUTE / ATLANTIC YACHT SURVEY - Europe, Worldwide
32 avenue des Corsaires
T: +33 546 522 147 M:+33 674 028 243

- MARTINIQUE & Caribbean
Le Marin, Martinique
+(596) 696 21 32 15

Of 1-954 766 8100
Cell 1-954 347 6099
213 SW 21st Street
Ft Lauderdale, FL 33315

Recommended Amel Insurance Agent:
Vessel Documentation Agents:
USA, Worldwide
Gary & Elliott Golden
Manifest Marine
604 Stonewall Lane
Fredericksburg, Virginia 22407 USA
Europe, Holland, Poland, & Worldwide

USA (Specializing in the USA)
Lisa Swartz <LisaSayri@gmail.com>
All Yacht Registries, Inc.
3213 13th Avenue SW
Naples, FL 34117
1-239-285-8469 (no texts)
Recommended Customs Agent:
Online United States Notary Public
Douglas Rapier
Mob.: +596 696 45 89 75
Office: +596 5 96 52 14 28
Natasha Stromley
Hampton Roads Notary Public
56 Chowning Drive
Hampton, VA 23664
Office: +1(757) 224-8693
Mob: +1(757) 343-4161