Not knowing how to operate, maintain, repair, and replace systems and components will cost owners who are new to Amel from hundreds to thousands with each occurrence. And, this is true whether or not the owner hires a typical boat mechanic to do the work. I have seen this total as much as 30,000. My 24/7 Support, coupled with my Amel Book solves the vast majority of these issues. 

Amel Yachts are the safest and most comfortable yachts in their class to cross 
oceans and explore the world. Amel's components and systems are supplied by some of the best sources available. Amel's goal has always been to engineer the yacht, including the components and systems, in a logical, simple, and straightforward manner. This makes maintaining an Amel a joy rather than a chore. Your neighbors at anchor will be sweating while repairing many failures, while aboard your Amel, you and your sailing partner enjoy the surroundings and a beautiful sunset. However, any yacht completely equipped with the best systems can be a challenge to understand, maintain, and repair...especially in unfamiliar places. I believe having your personal consultant available to Support you 24/7 is, at least, comforting, and in some cases, "priceless." 

Support Available from Yacht School from an Experienced Specialist:
1 year of Support is included at no additional cost with the Amel Yacht School Course and the Yacht School FastTrack, each includes the Amel Book
1 year of Support including the Amel Book is available to experienced Amel owners in the Experienced Owners Package.
Extended Support is available to those owners who have completed 1 year of support and want to continue on a yearly subscription.
Lifetime Support (as long as you own your Amel) is available to most clients. Included in Lifetime Support is a new Amel Book each time there is a major new printing of the book, and Transshipment of Parts purchased from US retailers such as Amazon via DHL to anywhere in the world, charging only for the cost of transport to you.