Free Consulting  $0 (No Cost) 
I will share my experience with Amel yachts, or any question I can answer about yachting with you at no cost for 1 hour. If you have any questions regarding anything Amel, I offer a free 1-hour consulting on any subject. Ask anything you may want to ask and get experienced answers. To set a time for your 1-hour phone call, email  I am not connected with Chantier Amel in any way. I am totally independent and receive no commission or incentive from Amel or any other person or entity.

Amel Yacht School Course for New Owners  $3,000 Plus Travel Exp.
The Amel Yacht School Course is performed aboard your Amel and  includes:
- Amel Yacht School Course Outline
- The New 400 page Amel Book (Contents Page)

- All  Course materials
- 1 year 24/7 Support
Yacht School Vendor Discounts on Amel OEM and quality OEM substitutes.
The Course is aboard your Amel and for all of your crew. Perfect for couples, or couples with kids...all will learn. 
I will travel anywhere in the world. Extended Support and Lifetime Support are available.

Amel Orientation Cruise with Extras  starts at $3,000 per couple/week
1-week cruise on an Amel, Amel Book, and Amel Orientation Training
This is an Amel 7-day Learning Charter and Cruise aboard an Amel with an owner/captain/instructor in either the US, Caribbean, Mediterranean, Pacific, Australia, or New Zealand. The learning portion would follow an Amel Owners Yacht School Orientation Learning Outline. This course will include a copy 400 page Amel Book for the attendee, as well as, an Amel Owners Yacht School "Certificate of Completion." Extended Support and LifeTime 24/7 Support are available to Orientation Clients. Prices vary on the location and model of Amel, but many choices are available starting at 3,000 per week total for a couple (priced in US Dollars in US and Caribbean or Euros most other places).

FastTrack Course with 24/7 Support for New Owners  $800 
Support, Amel Book, Updates, & Discounts
If you have recently purchased your Amel,  I recommend the intensive Amel Yacht School Course aboard your Amel. However, not everyone has the availability, time, and/or budget to take this course. If you choose to not take the Amel Yacht School Course, FastTrack is a pathway to gaining important operating and maintenance information. You also receive 2 years of 24/7 Support which will provide you answers to the situations you will find yourself in because of the lack of training. With FastTrack, new owners of Amel Yachts will receive the 400-page Amel Book, 2 years of 24/7 Support, and substantial Discounts on Amel OEM parts and equivalents. Extended Support and Lifetime Support are available. Current shipping costs are at the FastTrack link above.

Amel Experienced Owners Package with Amel Book & 24/7 Support $600USD Plus Shipping 
Support, Amel Book, Updates, & Discounts This is for experienced Amel Yacht Owners who have owned their Amel for one year, or longer. Because they have at least one year's experience with their Amel, they qualify to purchase this at special pricing. You will receive:
- 1 Year of 24/7 Support
- A 400 page Amel Book in a 3-ring custom binder with custom tabs
- Online updates to your Amel Book
Preferred Vendor Discounts on OEM and replacement parts for as long as you own your Amel.
NOTE: Add an additional year for a total of 2 years of 24/7 support for $200 when you order this package, or later add 24/7 Support for $300/year. Add it now and save $100.

Amel Book Without 24/7 Support: $350 Plus Shipping  
Amel Book, Updates, & Discounts​:​ An experienced Amel owner, who does not need 24/7 Support, can purchase the 400-page Amel Book, excluding 24/7 Support - PLUS receive Preferred Vendor Discounts on OEM parts and devices or equivalents. You will receive:
- A 400 page Amel Book in a 3-ring custom binder with custom tabs
- Online updates to your Amel Book
Preferred Vendor Discounts on OEM and replacement parts for as long as you own your Amel.  This is not recommended for owners new to Amel and will only be sold to owners with appropriate Amel experience.
NOTE: At any time add 1 year of 24/7 Support for $300 to above Amel Book, or buy the Amel Experienced Owners Package (below) including 1 year of 24/7 Support and save $50.

24/7 Support Annual Subscription $300
24/7 Support Annual Subscription is available to those owners who have an Amel Book and want to add or extend 24/7 Support with an Annual Subscription. 
   Examples of this situation are: 
    - Owners who purchased an Amel Book without Support 
    - Owners who purchased an Orientation Cruise
    - Owners whose 24/7 Support has expired

Lifetime 24/7 Support          $1,500
Lifetime - for as long as you own your Amel. Included in Lifetime 24/7 Support is a new Amel Book each time there is a major new printing of the book, special access Online Amel Book, and Transshipment of parts purchased from US retailers such as Amazon via DHL to anywhere in the world, charging only for the cost of transport to you. With the addition of the Online Amel Book, some Lifetime Support clients may choose to forego the mailings of a new book at each major new printing and rely on downloads of new pages and access to the Online Amel Book. If you opt-out of the mailings of each time there is a major new printing of the book, the price is reduced by $300. NEW All Lifetime Support Clients, when they are ready to sell their Amel, will be given absolutely free of charge a Pre-Sale Review. This is at least a $500 bonus. 

Single Incident Support          $50
Single Incident Support is available to any owner at any time, regardless of whether he has an Amel Book, has taken any Amel Course, or is an Amel Owners Yacht School client. Included in the Single Incident Support response are copies of pages and other documents sent electronically. There is no limit as to the amount of time required to reach a recommended solution. Follow-up requests for the same issue are always allowed at no-cost. The cost per incident is $50.

Pre-Purchase/Sale Consulting      $500
Pre-Purchase Consulting does not normally require travel expenses and is normally done via phone and the Internet with the exchange of photos
Pre-Purchase/Sale Consulting includes:
- I will provide you with experienced and unconflicted answers to your many questions before, during, and at the completion of the Pre-Purchase/Sale review.  
- "List of Specific Photos" to be taken like this one of rigging date of mfg.
- "List of Owner Questions" 
- "Amel Survey Checklist" to ensure a complete survey
- "Review and Report" for Buyers on the advertised listing material & photos
- "Written Comments" on each photo of the proposed Amel
- "Optional Summary Estimate" or "Condition Report" 
- Yacht School Preferred Vendor Discounts on Amel OEM and quality OEM substitute systems and parts.
Limited Time: Combine Pre-Purchase/Sale Consulting with the Amel Book & 1-year of 24/7 Support and save $100.

Yacht School Preferred Vendor Discounts 
When you purchase anything from Yacht School, you become a Yacht School Client for as long as you own your Amel, qualifying you for discounts on Amel OEM and quality OEM substitute systems, devices, and parts from Yacht School Preferred Vendors. Purchase discounts for our clients include sails, rigging, pumps, some critical engine parts, membranes, Yacht Transport, and others. The discounts range from at least 5% up to 20%. Yacht School is in no way affiliated with these vendors and receives no commission or referral. I leveraged the size of our client base to negotiate discounts for you and you alone. A client recently saved thousands over his best prices from other sources.

To purchase any of the above, email CW Bill Rouse <>

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