1.) Yacht School Consulting & 24/7 Support:

Free Consulting up to 1 hour


Single Incident Support  


1-year of 24/7 Support Add $250/yr for the Unlimited 24/7 Support with ZOOM


2-years of 24/7 Support 


5 Year 24/7 Support 


Pre-Purchase Consulting Includes the Estimate Spreadsheet


*Includes a subscription to the Online Amel Book for the duration of the 24/7 Support period

2.) Yacht School Courses:

Amel Orientation Cruise with Extras


Amel Orientation Cruise Includes Yacht School Orientation Cruise Learning Outline by Bill Rouse and followed by the Host and more.


3Total for 1 couple for 1 week. Europe is 3,000 €

Yacht School Premium Course for New Owners


Yacht School Premium Course for New Owners - Includes Bill Rouse aboard for Training, the 400-page Amel Book with lifetime updates, and Amel owner’s manuals.


Notes 1,2

    Add 1-year Unlimited 24/7 Support with Zoom

+ $600

    Add 1-year 24/7 Support (2nd year of support)

+ $350

    Add 2-year subscription to the Online Amel Book

+ $250

Premium Course Bundled with all above - Recommended & save $800


1Plus shipping cost of Amel Book 2Plus Travel Expenses 

Yacht School FastTrack Course for New Owners 


FastTrack Course Includes Zoom meetings while Training, 3-year subscription to the Online Amel Book, and Amel owner’s manuals.


    Add the printed version of the 400-page Amel Book

+ $3501

    Add 1-year Unlimited 24/7 Support with Zoom 

+ $600

    Add 2nd year of regular 24/7 Support

+ $350

FastTrack Course Bundled with all above - Recommended & save $300


1Plus shipping cost of Amel Book 

3.) The Amel Book Purchase Options:

The 400-page Amel Book with online Updates & Supplements 
Add the Online Amel Book for $150 - 1 year, $250 - 2 years, $300 - 3 years 


1Plus shipping cost

The Amel Book can be Bundled with 24/7 Support  Special Bundled Pricing:

1 year of 24/7 Support including the Amel Book 
Add the Online Amel Book for $150 - 1 year, $250 - 2 years, $300 - 3 years  


2 years of 24/7 Support including the Amel Book 
Also includes 2 years of the Online Amel Book 


5 Year 24/7 Support including the Amel Book also includes 5 years access to the Online Amel Book *$1500 if you already have an Amel Book 

1Plus shipping cost
Shipping Cost: US Postal Service Priority Mail US and US Territories $16.25. 
Priority Mail International: Canada $54.65, Europe $80.60. Service is suspended by USPS to New Zealand and Australia due to the absence of air transportation.

What is included with the Amel Book: Regardless of which option you choose you will also receive:
- Online updates to your Amel Book
- Amel Book Supplements - All of the Amel information I have acquired and compiled with over 3 gigs of information available for download. 
Preferred Vendor Discounts on OEM and replacement parts for as long as you own your Amel.
- Because of the delay in shipping due to COVID-19, you will have temporary access to the Online Amel Book (click for a sample) until you receive the actual book

To purchase any of the above, email CW Bill Rouse <>

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