1.) Yacht School Consulting & 24/7 Support:
1-year of 24/7 Support Add $250/yr for the Unlimited 24/7 Support with ZOOM
5 Years 24/7 Support also includes 5 years of access to the Online Amel Book 
Pre-Purchase Review      SM & A54 Includes Estimate Spreadsheet
                                    A55 & A50 Includes Estimate Spreadsheet
*Includes a subscription to the Online Amel Book for the duration of the 24/7 Support period

2.) Yacht School Courses:
Prices Premium & FastTrack Plus Bundle OptionsUSD
Premium Yacht School Course 
Yacht School Premium Course for New Owners - Includes an experienced Amel owner vetted by Bill Rouse for Amel Training, daily ZOOM Q&A with Bill Rouse, Amel owner’s manuals, and a 1-year subscription to the Online Amel Book
Notes 1,2
   Add the printed version of the 400-page Amel Book
+ $3501
   Add 2-year Regular 24/7 Support+ $700
   Add a 2-year subscription to the Online Amel Book (total of 3-years)
+ $250
Premium Course Bundled with all above - Recommended & save $300
FastTrack Yacht School Course 
FastTrack Course Includes 6 Zoom meetings with Bill Rouse while Training, a 3-year subscription to the Online Amel Book, and Amel owner’s manuals.$1,500
    Add the printed version of the 400-page Amel Book
+ $3501
    Add 1-year Unlimited 24/7 Support with Zoom + $600
    Add 2nd year of regular 24/7 Support+ $350
FastTrack Course Bundled with all above Recommended 
Save $300
FastTrack with a Guide present for 4 days to help you on your Amel. The Guide is an experienced Amel owner vetted by Bill Rouse for Training.(Note 2) 
See Premium
1Plus shipping cost of Amel Book 2Plus Travel Expenses 3USD Americas, € elsewhere

Amel Orientation Cruise with Extras
Amel Orientation Cruise Includes Yacht School Orientation Cruise Learning Outline by Bill Rouse and followed by the Host and more.
3Total for 1 couple for 1 week. Europe is 3,000 €

3.) The Amel Book Purchase Options:
The 400-page Amel Book with online Updates & Supplements Plus shipping cost$350

4.) The Amel Book Bundle Options:
The Amel Book can be Bundled with 24/7 Support and/or Online Amel Book
1 year of 24/7 Support including Online Amel Book for 2 years
1 year of 24/7 Support including the Amel Book
2 years of 24/7 Support, Amel Book, & Online Book Recommended 
Save $300
5 years 1st & 2nd year - Unlimited 24/7 Support with Zoom 
3rd thru 5th year - Regular 24/7 Support + 5 years Online Book. 
Save $500
Plus shipping cost
Shipping Cost: US Postal Service Priority Mail US and US Territories $16.10. 
Priority Mail International: Canada $56.80, Europe (most) $86.90, Australia, New Zealand 93.35.
What is included with the Amel Book: Regardless of which option you choose you will also receive:
- Online updates to your Amel Book
- Amel Book Supplements - All of the Amel information I have acquired and compiled with over 3 gigs of information is available for download. 
Preferred Vendor Discounts on OEM and replacement parts for as long as you own your Amel.
- Because of the delay in shipping due to COVID-19, you will have temporary access to the Online Amel Book (click for a sample) until you receive the actual book

To purchase any of the above, email CW Bill Rouse <>

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