Step 1 - Terms to view the Sample Online Amel Book (Agree to View)

You are seeking to view pages and files that are pages from the Amel Book or files or pages in Amel Book Supplements. These are normally only available to Licensees of the Amel Book or Online Amel Book. You will be granted limited access by clicking the Acknowledgement link below, you agree to the following:
  • To keep the file that you download private. 
  • Only use the Amel Book, Supplements, and other documents after thoroughly reading the Amel Owners and Users Manuals and the installed component manual from each manufacturer. 
  • To take every precaution recommended by Amel and the component manufacturer. 
  • That Bill Rouse and Yacht School assume no liability regarding any contents of the Amel Book, Supplements, or other publications and that you (Licensee) waive all rights in your use of the Amel Book, Supplements, and other publications made available to you by Bill Rouse.
You agree to NOT PROCEED with anything represented in the Amel Book, Amel Book Supplements, or other documents made available to you by Bill Rouse unless you are completely familiarized with all of the safety warnings that are published in the Amel User and/or Owner Manuals, and published by each component manufacturer. If you have any doubts, call +1 832-380-4970. Yacht School reserves the right to modify content, illustrations, diagrams, and photographs without notice.