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Pre-Purchase Consulting is now available to both Buyers of Amel Yachts. I am an experienced Amel Yacht Specialist, and I understand the complexities of selecting the right Amel yacht and the issues in the sale & purchase process. I am not a broker, nor am I a surveyor. I am a non-conflicted, knowledgeable consultant to future Amel owners and current Amel sellers. I am the Buyers Consultant on 70% of all Amels sold worldwide. In the last 2 1/2 years, over 100 Buyers of new and used Amel yachts have hired me for Pre-Purchase Consulting. Whether you hire me or not, there is valuable information here that you can use. There are 4 actual Summary spreadsheets you can download and use.

Most sailboats sold today have inflated asking prices so the Owner can negotiate with the Buyer and give him a discount. In most cases, it is 5-10%. I believe that this "blind negotiation" has nothing to do with the actual value of the sailboat. It starts with the Buyer and Broker searching for similar model/year asking prices and then setting their asking price on that. This has nothing to do with the value of a used sailboat. They are not all in the same Condition, and the Condition of the sailboat is what matters. 

Nobody else in the world offers the kind of Pre-Purchasing Consulting I offer. I have developed a low-cost solution, combining my experience and everyday technology to perform a Refit Evaluation of the Amel remotely. An offer should be made based on the Pre-Purchase Review of the Amel. This is the simplified process that I believe in: 
Become a Pre-Purchase client as soon as you decide that an Amel is what you want to purchase because:

* All consulting is included.
* The unique Pre-Purchase materials I designed and will make available to you will make you a better buyer. You will see samples of the photos I want to see, questions for brokers, and my questions for owners. Just having these materials is worth the cost.
* There is also the bonus of a potential referral. Because I am usually the first to know of a decision to sell, I make referrals to my Pre-Purchase Clients. In 2023, I referred 12 Buyers to Sellers or the Seller's Broker.
Many clients hire me well before deciding on a particular Amel. This gives them the advantage of ​having someone to consult with during the selection process. There is no extra charge for this. The combination of all of this information gives me a unique perspective and allows me to provide a qualified summary of the advantages and problems with the proposed Amel. More details on exactly how Pre-Purchase Consulting works (click here).

Pre-Purchase/Sale Consulting, Review, Summary & Estimate 
Preliminary to Sale or Purchase or any other reason
Super Maramu 2000 - Summary of Findings + Review of answers and photos
Amel 54 - Summary of Findings + Review of answers and photos
A50 or A55 - Summary of Findings + Review of answers and photos
A50/A60 New Purchase Consulting, including unconflicted help with all decisions
* This is a flat price, regardless of the consulting hours used to complete. Prices above will increase in 2024.

How to Find Your Amel:
The best advice I can give you is to look everywhere and speak to as many brokers and Amel owners as possible. Check Amel Yachts For Sale (click here) on the Amel Yacht Owners Group. Check and do a Google Search. Contact the Recommended Brokers below and tell them what you are looking for.

The Summary of Needed Refit Findings: This can empower you with tremendous, certified information. The Amel in the Summary below was in very good Condition. This Summary represents what you should correct during the first year of ownership. The items are divided into priorities. Priority 1 ASAP, Priority 2 within 1-6 months, and Priority 3 within 1-12 months. Of course, no one can be this exact. The priorities are based on what I see (the quality of the photos you take) and my Amel Refit experience. A Summary can be much more complicated:(Refit of $42k Actual) (Major Refit of about 100k Actual ). (Complete Refurbish Refit Budget)

The Summary of Needed Refit Findings lists the issues I see in the photos and/or answers to the Owner's questions. I estimate the cost to refit the proposed Amel to Better than Average Condition. I will assign a priority (1-3) to each item. Priority 1 is to be done immediately, Priority 2 can wait a few months, and Priority 3 should be completed within 9 - 12 months. Broker and/or Surveyor Comments may be considered in this SummaryWith this completed Summary, a buyer can make an informed decision and proceed with accurate information. This completed Summary also helps a seller properly present the value of his Amel to a buyer/broker. I have helped many buyers with their purchase of an Amel. I have just started offering this service to sellers.

Other factors to consider when determining value: In addition to the Condition found by my Refit Review and a survey, you should consider the following:
 - Location of the Amel in terms of the Buyer's convenience.
 - Location of the Amel in terms of refit resources
 - How often a similar Amel will be available
 - Vessel turnover by the Owner is worth 1,000/day
 - Age of critical components
 - The ability to have post-closing open communication with the previous Owner.

What is the minimum Refit cost even if the Amel is in perfect Condition? It is essential to understand that there will be minimal costs even if the Amel is in Perfect Condition. The cost will be 6,000 to 10,000. Click here to download the Minimal Expense Summary of Refit Findings.

Normal Refit Support is included with my 24/7 Support.
For details and prices for 24/7 Support (Click Here).

Major & Extensive Refit Support
This is a special kind of support where a significant amount of my involvement and time is required during the Refit Process. "Major & Extensive Refit Support" is unlimited, including ZOOM, voice/video meetings, and 3rd parties such as contractors involved in the refit. It also includes the Online Amel Book. Commit to 12 months and save $400. If you choose Major & Extensive Refit Support and the Refit is completed before the expiration of the term, the remaining term will be doubled and converted into regular 24/7 support. If, for example, you have 4 months of Major & Extensive Refit Support left, it will convert to 8 months of regular 24/7 Support.

Major & Extensive Refit Support:
6 months of Refit Support, including Online Amel Book & Zoom
12 months of Refit Support, including Online Amel Book & Zoom
* This is a flat price, regardless of the consulting hours needed.

PEARL: A few Amel owners will claim an increased asset value and increase the selling price because of the maintenance expenses they incurred. Maintenance expenses do not increase the asset value; they contribute to maintaining the value, and a well-maintained Amel will sell before all other lesser-maintained Amels. On the other side of the equation, maintenance issues that have been ignored will decrease an Amel yacht's value and purchase price, especially when the Buyer is aware and presents proof of the needed maintenance with the related cost to correct it.

Certified Preowned Amels:      Available for SM2k, A54, A55, and A50
I certify preowned Amels for Owners and Brokers. My Review and 
Certification of Preowned Amel Yachts More...Click Here

What about Taxes (VAT, Import, or Other)? This is really important because there are all sorts of tax-avoidance schemes used in countries around the world, usually by the first Owner who wants to avoid paying an additional 20% or more. In a nutshell, to protect yourself from VAT, Import, or Other Taxes, you must have a certified copy of the taxes paid to the country or state within a union of states (EU USA) where you intend to locate the vessel as a homeport, or possibly navigate to.  
Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer and certainly do not know all the laws from all countries that may have a claim. You must seek professional help. I recommend several Documentation Agents below. My recommendation is based chiefly on client reports, although I have excellent personal experience with All Yacht Registries, Inc. As a possible alternative, provide the authorities within your homeport area with the actual Tax-Paid documents presented by the Owner for Tax-Paid Status approval. Actual cases recently discovered: (click here).

What about the New Amel 50? 
Read my Review of the Amel 50: Amel 50 - First Experience.

Pre-Purchase Consulting for a New Amel 50 includes:

- I will provide unlimited consulting hours, unconflicted, whatever you need when you need it. I will provide answers to your many questions before, during, and at the closing of the sale of the Amel.
- I will help you decide on the Amel 50 Options that best fit you and your needs.
- I will facilitate an introduction to an Amel 50 owner who can be the host on one of my Yacht School Orientation Cruises on an Amel 50.
- As a client, you will qualify for Yacht School discounts on products and services from Preferred Vendors

Questions: If you have any questions regarding anything, Amel, I offer a free 1-hour consulting on any subject. Ask anything you may want to ask and get experienced answers. Text me at 1-832-380-4970 to set a time for your 1-hour phone call. This link may help you. It describes the hypothetical purchase process beginning with the search for your Amel until you close the purchase: Amel Yacht Purchase Process.

Super Maramu versus Super Maramu 2000 and Redline:
There was no definite time that the Super Maramus produced included all of the options and improvements of the Super Maramu 2000. The transformation started in 1998 and was completed in about 12 - 18 months. Super Maramu Red Line refers to the last 2 years of production of the SM2k when Amel changed the color of the water line to burgundy and the leather trim from saddle-brown to burgundy. That is all of the differences. I have tried to list the significant differences. More...

Difference between Super Maramu and the Amel 54

List of "Condition Categories" I use for Amels: Revised 18 April 2021

Best/Excellent used Amel: This is an Amel that is in the top 5% of Amels its age. All equipment works and performs as new and has been serviced according to recommended procedures and timetables. The electronics are up-to-date and work flawlessly. Everything Amel installed (OEM Equipment) when the boat was new is currently in good working condition or has been replaced by equal or better quality, and there are no missing components. There is not a single unidentified new wire added. There is no rust or oxidation. All painted and gel-coated surfaces have been maintained and, if necessary, repainted. None of the installed equipment, sails, standing rigging, and/or running rigging are beyond 75% of average life expectancy, and none need repair. The interior of the Amel is clean, unsoiled, and not worn. Foam cushions have good resiliency. There are no scratches needing repair, and the plexiglass is not crazed. The Deck & Hull Topsides are without cracks and do not need to be repaired or painted. The Antifouling is less than 2 years old, and the ballast epoxy is without cracks. The Main Engine and Generator pass a mechanic's OK while performing major service. Usually, there is a minimal refit expense when buying this Amel.

Better than Average used Amel: This is an Amel that is in the top 20% of Amels its age. All equipment works and performs as new. Maintenance has been executed according to the recommended schedules. Some failed OEM equipment has been replaced with less expensive products. Some additional wiring needs to be labeled. Minor rust and oxidation spots are visible. Not all painted and gel-coated surfaces have been maintained. Some sails, standing rigging, and/or running rigging are beyond life expectancy, and some need repair. The interior appears to be used but in good Condition. This Amel will usually require a refit of 6,000 to 10,000€.

If an Amel is evaluated by me as Average to Below Average or worse, you should consider Refit Support from me. Examples & More... 

Average used Amel: This category represents more than half of all Amels for sale. All equipment works and performs as well. Maintenance has been performed when needed, but only sometimes on schedule and not always according to specifications by all of the boat's owners. More often, failed OEM equipment has been replaced with lower-quality products. The added wiring needs to be labeled in more than a few instances. Some rust and oxidation spots are visible. Only some painted and gel-coated surfaces have been maintained. Some sails, standing rigging, and/or running rigging are beyond life expectancy, and some need replacing. The interior shows the appropriate wear and age. This Amel will require a refit of at least 15,000 - 20,000€ and could exceed 50,000€. 

Below Average used Amel: This category represents about 20% of all Amels for sale. Most equipment works and performs, but some need repairing or replacing. Maintenance has not been performed when needed, sometimes not always on schedule, and sometimes not always according to specifications by all of the boat's owners. Failed OEM equipment has been replaced with lower-quality products. There is considerable added wiring that needs to be labeled. Rust and oxidation spots are visible. Some painted and gel-coated surfaces have yet to be maintained. Some sails, standing rigging, and/or running rigging are beyond life expectancy, and some need replacing. The interior shows wear and age, and some need replacing. This Amel will require a refit of at least 50,000 and could reach 100,000€.

Poor Condition used Amel: Poor Condition used Amel: A poor condition Amel requires a major refit that will cost at least 100,000. Do not buy under any circumstances. This is an Amel that represents about 5% of Amels its age. This is an Amel that, even if acquired for no cost, will cost more to bring up to an average condition than an average condition Amel of its age will cost to buy. This Amel has often been deemed a total loss by a qualified surveyor or insurance company. 

Recommended People Important To You And Your Amel:

Recommended Brokers:
Jean Paul "JP" BAHUAUD
Caraibe Yachts / Caribbean Yachts 
Guadalupe,  St. Martin, & Martinique
+ 590 690 35 01 98
Stephanie DUPLAND
Caraibe Yachts / Caribbean Yachts Martinique
La Marina du Marin
97 290 Le Marin, Martinique, FWI
+596 596 74 16 70
Benoit SIZUN
Europe, France
(Mob): +33 (0) 646 718 233
Click Here for an Amel Owner Comment
Riza Cagdas Cakir
Turkey, Europe, Worldwide
Channel R (Amel representative)
​​+90 532 495 65 39 +90 252 645 24 68
Michael Beers, CPYB
United States
Flagship Yacht Sales
+1(718) 764-7215 mobile

Nikki Puttergill
Sail Tahiti
Yacht Club de Tahiti, BP 11457
Mahina, Tahiti, 98701
+689 87 24 28 75
French Polynesia

Recommended Surveyor:
Recommended Surveyor:

Olivier BEAUTE / ATLANTIC YACHT SURVEY - Europe, Worldwide
32 avenue des Corsaires
T: +33 546 522 147 M:+33 674 028 243

- MARTINIQUE & Caribbean
Le Marin, Martinique
+(596) 696 21 32 15

Of 1-954 766 8100
Cell 1-954 347 6099
213 SW 21st Street
Ft Lauderdale, FL 33315

Recommended Amel Insurance Agent:
Vessel Documentation Agents:
USA, Worldwide
Gary & Elliott Golden
Manifest Marine
604 Stonewall Lane
Fredericksburg, Virginia 22407 USA
Europe, Holland, Poland, & Worldwide

USA (Specializing in the USA)
Lisa Swartz <>
All Yacht Registries, Inc.
3213 13th Avenue SW
Naples, FL 34117
1-239-285-8469 (no texts)
Recommended Customs Agent:
Online Notary Public
Douglas Rapier
Mob.: +596 696 45 89 75
Office: +596 5 96 52 14 28
Natasha Stromley
Hampton Roads Notary Public
56 Chowning Drive
Hampton, VA 23664
Office: +1(757) 224-8693
Mob: +1(757) 343-4161

Fraud exists in selling an Amel:
The above list of brokers is small because these are people I know well, and I will only recommend people I know well. Unfortunately, several Amels that declared a total loss are often brought back on the market without total disclosure. I have seen this happen more than a few times. It recently occurred in Spain with a YachtWorld listing. Click Here for a saved PDF.
Here is what the above SM looked like in 2017 after Hurricane IRMA: Wrecked and Totaled SM 246

Published photos versus real photos:
 This does not happen very often, but it happens. The photo on the left was taken many years ago. The picture on the right is the reality. Note the cable ties circled in green on the left. These need to be removed the first time an impeller is changed. It is essential to know what to look for.

Photos from a YachtWorld Listing can tell us more than you think. More...

What Photos Can Tell Us:
Example of 1 photo out of 275 for an Amel 54 Pre-Purchase Review:

Pre-Purchase Review of Amel 54 - Photo #37 of 275
Do you see the grease stain in the middle bottom of the photo under the outhaul line winch? Click the picture to enlarge it. I advised the Buyer to check it closely and that the grease had likely leaked out of the outhaul gearbox.

In fact, the gearbox had no grease, and the gears were worn so much that they did not last another week. The cost of replacing the gearbox was 800, paid for by the seller.

The line for the outhaul was out of the Line Tender on top of the gearbox. Everyone noticed that. What nobody else noticed was that the line needed replacing. Cost: $275.

When looking for an Amel, Would you miss these?
These photos indicate serious issues, some costing thousands of dollars to repair. 

What do you see in the photo to the left? Click the picture to enlarge it. You probably see some rust. 

What I saw was evidence that the engine room had flooded. A flooded engine room can cost tens of thousands of dollars in repairs. Some damage isn't immediate and will occur after you close the sale. The seller had hidden the engine room flooding from the Buyer.

Click on the photo at the left to see the rust inside the red circle. Also, note the arrow. Everyone thought this accumulator tank needed replacing. The tank needed replacing, and the pump to the right of the accumulator tank needed replacing or rebuilding. The 12mm mechanical seal was leaking on the AC saltwater pump. The spacer/shield on the pump axle slung saltwater onto the accumulator tank in an undetectable, very light spray.


Cracked and leaking exhaust hose

Some genius mechanic probably started tracing wiring. I zoomed in on a photo of an engine wire harness to see these wires clipped. 

Seawater has entered the C-Drive and mixed with the C-Drive oil.

Dangerous knot

Rather than a stainless steel shackle or a soft shackle (preferred). The Owner of this Super Maramu made his own "special connection." More importantly, it was like this when my client toured the Super Mmaramu for sale.

C-Drive seals were sealed with a spray-on foam. This needs to be corrected!

This is a closeup of the Hydraulic Propeller Shaft Brake.

Can you find the wood clothespin used as a shim on the hydraulic ram to the brake caliper on the shaft brake? Can you also find the baling wire with some green paint on it? 

This is a Mizzen Sheet Traveler Car with an end made out of JB Weld. The ball bearings were falling out.

The Owner stated that he did not change anything.

Hull Stringer broke loose, probably from serious grounding.

Click here for more "Oops" Photos
Serious water intrusion caused by holes and devices added to the deck.