Pre-Purchase Consulting, Amel Boat Reviews, and Advice & Recommendations to Help You

Pre-Purchase/Sale Consulting is now available to both Buyers and Sellers of Amel Yachts. I am an experienced Amel Yacht Specialist and I understand the complexities of selecting the right Amel yacht, as well as, the issues in the sale & purchase process. I am not a broker, nor am I a surveyor. I am a non-conflicted knowledgeable consultant to future Amel owners and current Amel sellers. I estimate that I am the Buyers Consultant on 3/4ths of all Amels sold, worldwide. In the last 12 months, over 50 individual Buyers of resale Amel yachts have hired me for Pre-Purchase Consulting. For many reasons, I no longer perform a Pre-Purchase Review of an Amel produced before 1988.

Nobody else in the world offers the kind of Pre-Purchasing Consulting that I offer. I have developed a low-cost solution, which combines my experience and the use of common technology to remotely perform an evaluation of the Amel you may want to buy or sell. I review hundreds of your photos (I give you a list of what to photograph) and I review the owner's answers to hundreds of my experience-prepared and pointed questions. I also provide my Pre-Purchase clients with the "Amel Survey Checklist," which is a list of items that are commonly missed by some surveyors. The combination of all of this information gives me a unique perspective and allows me to provide a qualified summary of the advantages and problems with the proposed Amel. More information on exactly how Pre-Purchase Consulting works.

The Best Part of the Pre-Purchase Review is 
the "Summary of Corrections Estimate Spreadsheet." The Amel in the spreadsheet below was in good condition and the Seller had already recognized some of the things he would correct before selling his Amel. These spreadsheets can be much more complicated:(Refit of $42k Spreadsheet) (Refit of $88k Spreadsheet).

This spreadsheet lists the issues I see in the photos and/or answers to the owner's questions. I estimate the cost to return the proposed Amel to Better than Average Condition. I will assign a priority (1-3) to each item. Priority 1 is to be done right away, Priority 2 can wait a few months, and Priority 3 should be completed within 9 months. Broker and/or Surveyor Comments may be considered in this spreadsheetWith this completed review, a buyer can make an informed decision and proceed with accurate information. This completed review also helps a seller properly present the value of his Amel to a buyer/broker. I have helped a large number of buyers with their purchase of an Amel. I have just started offering this service to sellers. 

PEARL: A few Amel owners will claim an increased asset value and increase the selling price because of the required maintenance expenses he has incurred. Maintenance expenses do not increase the asset value, rather they contribute to maintaining the value, and a well-maintained Amel will sell before all other lesser-maintained Amels. On the other side of the equation, maintenance issues that have been ignored will decrease the Amel's value and purchase price, especially when the buyer is aware and presents proof of the needed maintenance with the related cost to correct it.

Please read my client's blog for more information on the purchase process and my Pre-Purchase Consulting: Buying a 1982, 46 foot Amel Maramu

"What is a Good Amel?" I describe a Good Amel as:
Everything Amel installed (OEM Equipment) when the boat was new is currently in good working condition or has been replaced by equal or better quality, and there are no missing components. AND, specifically:
All of the Standing Rigging is less than 10 years old and equal to the OEM Amel installed.
All of the Running Rigging is in good condition, and ready to cross an ocean
The Sails are at least OEM quality, less than 7 years old, and in good condition. 
The Main Engine and Generator pass a mechanic's OK while performing major service.
The Antifouling is less than 2 years old and the ballast epoxy is without cracks.
The entire boat and especially the engine room are free of corrosion and rust.
If equipped, the C-Drive, Bow Thruster, and MaxiProp or AutoProp have been serviced 
        according to recommended procedures and timetable.

  • I see far too many Amels with cheap inexpensive devices replacing the Amel original equipment. 
  • I see too many Amels with running and standing rigging needing replacement. 
  • I see far too many Amels with poorly-made Chinese sails. 
  • I also see too many Amels with engine rooms full of rust. 
  • I have had too many clients who did not use me for Pre-Purchase Consulting...and when I arrive for the Yacht School Course, I find 10,000 - 50,000 in needed repairs. 
  • Check out my recommended Amel Yacht Purchase Process
  • The photos you take and my review and my recommendations will allow you to remedy potential buyer objections.
  • You may have some valuable additions on your Amel that require a 3rd party explanation for the buyer to recognize the value.
  • Your prepared answers to my questions will be at least twice the information normally used in a listing for sale. More information usually equates to greater value.
  • The sum of the Pre-Purchase/Sale information will allow a complete and transparent assessment of your Amel.
  • I will update the original review and spreadsheet after corrections are completed.
Pre-Purchase/Sale Consulting includes:
- I will be your consultant and provide you with experienced and unconflicted answers to your many questions before, during, and at the completion of the Pre-Purchase/Sale review. 
- I provide you with a list of Specific Photos to take 
- I provide Owner Questions which I will email to the owner or broker
- Amel Survey Checklist to ensure a complete survey
- Review of the advertised listing material & photos
- Written Comments on up to 400 photos taken by the Buyer or Seller
Summary of Corrections Estimate Spreadsheet (sample). 
Yacht School Preferred Vendor Discounts on Amel OEM parts & services.

If you are not sure if Pre-Purchase/Sale Consulting works for you, or if you have any questions regarding anything Amel, I offer a free 1 hour consulting on any subject. Ask anything you may want to ask and get experienced answers. Text me at 1-832-380-4970 to set a time for your 1-hour phone call. This link may help you it describes the hypothetical purchase process beginning with the search for your Amel until you close the purchase: Amel Yacht Purchase Process

Difference between Super Maramu and the Amel 54 
Read this well-written explanation by Karen & Bill SM Harmonie.
And, here is another Comparison of the SM to the A54 by Joel Potter

What about the New Amel 50? 
Read my review of the Amel 50: Amel 50 - First Experience.

List of "Condition Categories" I use for Amels: Revised 18 April 2021

Best/Excellent used Amel: This is an Amel that is in the top 10% of Amels its age. All equipment works and performs as new. The maintenance has been perfectly and meticulously performed. Failed OEM equipment has been replaced with OEM equipment or equivalents to OEM. There is not a single unidentified new wire added. There is no rust or oxidation. All painted and gel-coated surfaces have been maintained and, if necessary, repainted. None of the sails, standing rigging, and/or running rigging are beyond life expectancy and none need repair. The interior is without any blemish, and soft surfaces have probably been replaced with new fabrics. 

Better than Average used Amel: This is an Amel that is in the top 20% of Amels its age. All equipment works and performs as new. Maintenance has been performed according to recommended schedules. Some failed OEM equipment has been replaced with less expensive products. Some additional wiring is not labeled. Minor rust and oxidation spots are visible. Not all painted and gel-coated surfaces have been maintained. A minor amount of the sails, standing rigging, and/or running rigging are beyond life expectancy and some need repair. The interior appears used but in good condition.

Average used Amel: This category represents more than half of all Amels for sale. All equipment works and performs as well. Maintenance has been performed when needed, but not always on schedule and not always according to specifications by all of the boat's owners. More often, failed OEM equipment has been replaced with lower-quality products. In more than a few instances, the added wiring is not labeled. Some rust and oxidation spots are visible. Only some painted and gel-coated surfaces have been maintained. Some of the sails, standing rigging, and/or running rigging are beyond life expectancy and some need replacing. The interior shows the appropriate wear and age. An Average used Amel will require a refit of at least 5,000 - 10,000

Poor Condition used Amel: A poor condition Amel requires a major refit that will cost at least 100,000.

Do not buy under any circumstances used Amel: This is an Amel that even if acquired for no cost, will cost more to bring up to average condition than what an average condition Amel its age will cost to buy. In many cases, this Amel has been deemed a total loss by a qualified surveyor or insurance company. 

Recommended People Important To You And Your Amel:

Recommended & Trusted Brokers:
Joel Potter
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
USA & Americas
Office 954-462-5869
Cell 954-812-2485
Riza Cagdas Cakir
Emek Marin, Amel Rep.
Turkey & Europe
90.252.645.2468 - +90 532 495 6539
David Allouch
Sail Tahiti
Tahiti & Pacifica
+689 87 32 88 45 
Nikki Puttergill
Sail Tahiti
Tahiti & Pacifica
+689 87 24 28 75
Caraibe Yachts / Caribbean Yachts Guadalupe & St. Martin
+ 590 690 35 01 98
Stephanie DUPLAND
Caraibe Yachts / Caribbean Yachts Martinique & Caribbean
La Marina du Marin
+596 596 74 16 70
France & Europe
+33 (0) 494 95 68 44
Michael Beers, Amel Rep.
McMichael Yacht Brokers
New York, USA
(914)381-5900 office
(718)764-7215 mobile
Recommended Surveyor:
Recommended Surveyor:
Olivier BEAUTE 
France, Europe, Worldwide
Tel: +33 546 522 147   Mob: +33 674 028 243
Pierre CORRIVEAUD, Marine Surveyor
MARTINIQUE & Caribbean
+(596) 696 21 32 15

Recommended Insurance Agent:
Vessel Documentation Agents:
Gary & Elliott Golden
Manifest Marine
604 Stonewall Lane
Fredericksburg, Virginia 22407 
USAEurope, Worldwide
Europe, Worldwide

How much Fraud exists in selling an Amel?
The reason that the above list of brokers is small is that these are people I know well and I will not recommend anyone I do not know well. Unfortunately, a number of Amels that declared a total loss are many times brought back on the market without total disclosure. I have seen this happen more than a few times. It recently occurred in Spain with a YachtWorld listing: Click Here for a saved PDF.
Here is what the above SM looked like in 2017 after Hurricane IRMA: Wrecked and Totaled SM 246

Published photos versus real photos:
 This does not happen very often, but it happens. The photo on the left was taken many years ago. The photo on the right is the reality. Note the cable ties circled in green on the left. These needed to be removed the first time an impeller was changed. It is important to know what to look for.

Example of 1 photo out of 275 for an Amel 54 Pre-Purchase Review:
Pre-Purchase Review of Amel 54 - Photo #37 of 275
Do you see the grease stain in the middle bottom of the photo under the outhaul line winch? Click the photo to enlarge. I made a note to the buyer that the grease had likely leaked out of the outhaul gearbox and to check it closely.

In fact, the gearbox had no grease and the gears were worn so much that they did not last another week. The cost of replacing the gearbox was $800 paid for by the seller.

The line for the outhaul was out of the Line Tender on top of the gearbox. Everyone noticed that. What nobody else noticed was that the line needed replacing. Cost $275.

When looking for an Amel, Would you miss these?
All of these photos indicate serious issues, some costing thousands of dollars to repair. 

What do you see in the photo to the left? Click the photo to enlarge. You probably see some rust. 

What I saw was evidence that the engine room had flooded. A flooded engine room can cause tens of thousands of dollars in repairs. Some of the damage isn't immediate and will occur after you close the sale. The seller had hidden the engine room flooding from the buyer.

Click on the photo at the left to see the rust inside the red circle. Also, note the arrow. Everyone thought this accumulator tank needed replacing. The truth is not only the tank needed replacing, but the pump to the right of the accumulator tank needed replacing or rebuilding. The 12mm mechanical seal was leaking on the AC saltwater pump. The spacer/shield on the pump axle was slinging saltwater onto the accumulator tank in an undetectable very light spray.


Cracked and leaking exhaust hose

Probably some genius mechanic started tracing wiring. I zoomed in on a photo of an engine wire harness to see these wires clipped. 

Seawater has entered the C-Drive and mixed with the C-Drive oil

Dangerous knot

In-boom bungee was incorrectly rigged outside the boom

C-Drive seals were sealed with a spray-on foam. This is very, very wrong!

This is a closeup of the Hydraulic Propeller Shaft Brake.

Can you find the wood clothespin used as a shim on the hydraulic ram to the brake caliper on the shaft brake? Can you also find the baling wire with some green paint on it? 

This is a Mizzen Sheet Traveler Car with an end made out of JB Weld. The ball bearings were falling out.

The owner stated that he did not change anything.

Hull Stringer broke loose probably from serious grounding

Click here for more "Oops" Photos
Serious water intrusion caused by holes and devices added to the deck.