FastTrack for New Owners of Amel Yachts 
Beginning 1 January 2019, Yacht School is offering the Yacht School FastTrack.
If you have recently purchased your Amel,  I recommend the intensive 3-Day Yacht School Course aboard your Amel. However, not everyone has the availability, time, and/or budget to take this course. Beginning Jan 1, 2019, I have something designed just for you. I call it the "FastTrack." FastTrack is usually defined as a very quick way to learn what is necessary. All "FastTrack" courses are never as complete as a "full course." If you choose to not take the Yacht School 3-Day Course, the FastTrack is a pathway to gaining important operating and maintenance information. You also receive 2 years of 24/7 Support which will provide you answers to the situations you will find yourself in because of the lack of training. With the FastTrack, new owners of Amel Yachts will receive the 400-page Amel Book, 2 years of 24/7 Support, and substantial Discounts on Amel OEM parts and equivalents. Extended Support and LifeTime 24/7 Support are available to FastTrack Clients. 

FastTrack - What you get:
 - Amel Book 400 Pages 
 - Updates As Long As You Own Your Amel
 - 2 Years of 24/7 Support When You Need It 
 - Yacht School Vendor Discounts on OEM Parts & Equivalents 

Amel Book & Book Updates View the Amel Book Contents Page
My 400 page "Amel Book" is an operation and maintenance reference-guide for Amel Super Maramus and Amel 54's.  The Amel Book will guide you through the most common maintenance and repair procedures, as well as, many operations procedures. Updates to the book are made frequently and are available to the Amel Book holders on this website on the CLIENT ACCESS tab. The Amel Book has recently been changed to a 3-ring binder book which allows additions and deletions as necessary. 

Shipping: US Postal Service "Priority Mail" US $15.05. International Priority: Canada $51.55, Europe $75.35, Honk Kong $77.50,  NZ & AU $86.40

View 3 of 400 pages from my Amel Book:
Sample 1: Brush Replacement for any brushed 24VDC electric motor
Sample 2: Changing the Onan Impeller
Sample 3: Cleaning the Gray Water Bilge

Support 24/7
Amel Yachts are the safest and most comfortable yachts in their class to cross oceans and explore the world. Amel's components and systems are supplied by some of the best sources available. Amel's goal has always been to engineer the yacht including the components and systems in a logical, simple, and straightforward manner. This makes maintaining an Amel a joy rather than a chore. Your neighbors at anchor will be sweating while repairing many failures while you and your sailing partner enjoy the surroundings and the sunset. However, any yacht completely equipped with the best systems can be a challenge to understand, maintain, and repair...especially in unfamiliar places. I believe having your personal consultant available to Support you 24/7 is, at least, comforting, and in some cases, "priceless." Extended Support and LifeTime 24/7 Support are available to FastTrack Clients. 

Yacht School Vendor Discounts
When you purchase anything from Yacht School, you become a Yacht School Client for as long as you own your Amel, qualifying you for discounts on Amel OEM and quality OEM substitute systems, devices, and parts, ranging from 5% to 20%.  CLICK HERE to view the current list of available Discounts.

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