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GN Espace is a UK-based specialist galley company, whose innovative designs and integrated systems are now seen as the benchmark for the galleys of modern cruising yachts.

Increasing numbers of the world’s leading yacht builders now specify GN Espace equipment for their galleys. The superior build quality and high performance of the GN Espace marine stoves are at the core of these galleys. The sinks, stoves, and our other innovative galley storage equipment all come with built-in fiddles, ensuring that everything stays exactly where you need it to.  These systems have been designed around the gastronorm standard sizes of containers used in commercial, professional, and catering kitchens. These standards form the building block of GN Espace's integrated systems. The GN Espace stoves and sinks have been designed to transform the galley space into an ergonomic, functional, and significantly safer place to prepare and cook food while at sea.

"I believe that the very best replacement for the ENO stoves which were originally installed in Santorins, Super Maramus, Amel 54s, and Amel 55s is the GN Espace OceanChef marine stove. I believe that there is nothing comparable.  Their customers are based throughout Europe, North America, the Caribbean, Australia, and New Zealand, Hong Kong, Taiwan as well as South Africa.  

The GN Espace OceanChef cooker is designed to use both standard size and a wide range of Gastronorm sized containers so that you can cook a wide choice of menus practically and safely. It is supplied ready to use with two-level cooking as standard. All parts are made of stainless steel for easy cleaning and are removable to reveal an easy-to-clean burner tray. The easy-to-wipe oven cavity has been designed to avoid dirt traps and the grill is self-cleaning. All the oven accessories are made from marine-grade stainless steel to ensure easy cleaning and long life. It is hard to understand the amazing functionality of this gas stove and container system without viewing the following video. I assure you if I were updating an Amel today, I would be satisfied with nothing less and would include the GN Espace OceanChef stove, sink, tap, many accessories and I would have cabinetry modified to hold the containers. Remember, if the cook is happy, the entire crew is happy." ~CW Bill Rouse

NEW OceanChef 3 Induction Cooker
The perfect cooking solution for sailors looking to go fully electric on board. The OceanChef 3 combines the benefits of induction cooking with the practical features of a multifunction oven. The result is a dedicated gimballed electric marine cooker that sets new standards in the galley and provides ‘Home from Home’ cooking capabilities on board. It is packed with features that make cooking a real joy, including a 2.5kW Boost function and a Dual-zone bridge function for large fish-kettle cooking.

The fast heating Gastronorm-based multifunction oven is fully insulated and combines with the hob’s energy management system to ensure a maximum load for the cooker of only 4.9kW

GN Espace Video:

More Information link to GN Espace website information on stoves

GN Espace OceanChef Specifications: 
  • 50cm wide standard stove
  • Gimballed single cavity LPG (Propane/Butane) stove
  • New generation high-efficiency burners. Fast heat-up and increased turn-down rate for lower flame
  • Stainless steel pan support. Secured
  • Sturdy removable sea-rail surround and adjustable pan clamps
  • Solid door or glass door options
  • Door and harbor locks
  • Full-width grill
  • Thermostatically controlled oven
  • Easy clean stainless steel oven interior
  • Anti-tip oven shelves designed to securely hold GN cookware. 1 x GN 2/3 tray, 1 x wire trivet, 1 x wire shelf. Dual shelf system for Gastronorm or standard cookware
  • Gas safety thermocouple for stove-top burners, grill, and oven
  • Push-button ignition. Battery-powered 1.5V
  • Marine-grade stainless steel construction
  • Weight: 30.5 kg (34.5 kg including accessories)
  • Made in the UK. CE approved
  • Appliance dimensions: W50cm H48.7cm D47cm
  • Installation dimensions standard: W54cm H55cm D55cm

OceanChef 3 burner

1 x 1.1kW, 2 x 1.5kW high performance 

    OceanChef 4 burner

    1 x 1.1kW, 3 x 1.5kW high performance

    Sinks, Taps, and Accessories 

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    GN Espace Galley Solutions Ltd
    3A Millbrook Business Park, Hoe Lane, Nazeing, Essex, EN9 2RJ, UK
    Telephone: +44 (0)1992 893713

    For Australia, New Zealand, and most of Oceania, see Ocean Solutions, the exclusive distributor for GN Espace. We have a Preferred Vendor arrangement with them for this part of the world. Click here for the Preferred Vendor page for Ocean Solutions.