Amel Martinique

Caraibes - Martinique

Alban LEROY (back to you) removing a SM Genoa Gearbox.

Manager Alban LEROY
Personal Email <>
Cell: +590(0) 690 381 021
A personal note about Alban LEROY from Bill ROUSE: I believe that Alban is a very special guy that is important to any Amel visiting or planning to visit Martinique. I first met Alban when Amel Caraibes was located in Guadalupe. Alban performed some warranty work on BeBe, SM 387. His performance was perfect. I believe that Alban is the best person to perform most things from routine maintenance, to overhauling gearboxes, and repairing anything Amel specific. When you visit Alban in Martinique, please tell him that I recommended him highly. 

Amel Caraibes
Port de plaisance du Marin 
Bassin Tortue, Local B5 97290 
Le Marin, Martinique 
Tel : +596(0) 596 585 037