Supplemental Pages

Over 2,500 individual files (over 3 gigs of information) are available here for download because of their importance to some Amel Owners. For various reasons, these files are not included in the Amel Book. Unlike the information in your Amel Book, the following information may not have been vetted. It also may be out-of-date because it was gathered over many years from various sources. It is offered at face value without any guaranty of accuracy. Anything you download here should be verified by you before relying on its accuracy.

The List Order is divided like the Amel Book. Order is by Category (Part 1 through Part 5). If you doubt which Part # to click on, look at the Contents Page of your Amel Book. A few "Popular Mechanical Files" are listed at the very end of this page.
Part 1 Deck & Hull
Part 2 Electronics & Electrical
Part 3 Mechanical
Part 4 Plumbing
Part 5 Miscellaneous
Miscellaneous Photos Almost 1,000 miscellaneous photos
Amel Model-specific Information Owner & User Manuals and other General Information
         Amel Super Maramu and SM2k
         Amel Mango, Maramu, & Santorin
       Amel 50
         Amel 54
         Amel 55
         Amel 60
Popular Mechanical Files All of the following are included in Part 3 Mechanical above)
      AC Installation Directions SM153 New Install  

Only use the Amel Book and Supplements after thoroughly reading the Amel Owners and Users Manuals, as well as, the installed component manual from each manufacturer. The Amel Book assumes that you have taken every precaution recommended by Amel and the component manufacturer. Yacht School assumes no liability regarding any contents.

DO NOT PROCEED with anything represented in the Amel Book if you have not familiarized yourself thoroughly with all of the safety warnings which are published in the Amel User and Owner manuals, and published by each component manufacturer. If you have any doubts, call +1 (832) 380-4970 before proceeding