QSails like other sail suppliers is recovering from the impact of COVID and supply chain issues, but some delays from sailcloth manufacturers continue to impact QSails and all sail manufacturers.

I contacted QSails the company from which I bought Triradial cut HydraNet sails.  Admittedly, I leveraged my 57 clients (at the time, 57, today well over 300) to get the best pricing for each of you. QSails has a long history of shipping worldwide. The price you pay QSails is going to be about 20% below the same quality elsewhere and it will be difficult to find the same quality.

Please remember, I do not earn commissions or incentives of any sort from QSails or any other vendor or service provider that I recommend. If you have time, you should look at this. AND, I will only recommend a product or service that I trust, and, that I have experienced great customer service. If you have any questions, please email me, or contact the Owner/Manager directly: Emrah Oge emrahoge@qsails.com.

QSail features for all sails made for Amel owners: 
  1. Laser cutting on HydraNet & Hybrid sails (the laser burns and seals the edges of the cloth enabling single line stitching, reduces wear & tear, and can not be frayed).
  2. Foam Luff on Genoa
  3. Spectra webbing reinforcement for furling at Head, Tack, & Clew.
  4. Sewn Leather Reinforcement of the Clew Ring of welded stainless steel
  5. Kevlar Leech and Foot lines
  6. Premium Tenara® thread
  7. Additional hand stitching on corners of each sail with Dyneema thread
  8. Sunbrella UV panels
All Amel Models are available with these cloths and constructions:

BEST (2 choices) - HydraNet TriRadial Cut is a TriRadial Cut from the German company Dimension-Polyant or Fibercon Pro Hybrid TriRadial Cut from Contender which is equivalent to HydraNet. I consider these to be the best sailcloths in the world...they will not stretch.

BETTER - TriRadial Cut Pro Radial Dimension/Polyant Dacron is a quote for those owners wanting a very high-quality Dacron Polyester fiber sailcloth from the German company Dimension-Polyant. It is cut and assembled in a TriRadial configuration. This is a slightly higher quality sail with the same TriRadial construction that your Super Maramu had when new.

GOOD - CrossCut AP Dacron is a quote for budget-minded Super Maramu owners who would like a Dacron polyester cross-cut sail similar to what Doyle Sails provides.
Other Sails available from QSails:
Asymmetrical (available with an optional Sock or furler. 
Genoa Ballooner SM & some 54s
Mizzen Ballooner SM & 54 (available with an optional Sock (snuffer). I recommend it.
Gennaker with furler SM, 54, 55

Other Amel Models:
Amel Santorin Ketch 
Amel Santorin Sloop
Amel Maramu 

QSails Amel Maramu, Santorin, Super Maramu Catalog: 
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QSails Amel 54 Catalog: 
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How to Order:  The quotes are priced in Euros. Contact QSails Owner/Manager directly: Emrah Oge emrahoge@qsails.com.