Since COVID started QSails has experienced significant delays in their supply chain as well as delays by shippers of the sails to the Amel owner. Especially impacted is HydraNet. All of this has led QSails reputation to slip. Although quality continues to be very good, customer service and on-time delivery are not as good as it was and can cause delays and frustration. 
QSails is recovering from the impact of COVID and supply chain issues, but significant delays from sailcloth manufacturers continue to impact QSails and all sail manufacturers.
As of 25 March 2022: 
Expected Production Time from the payment date (includes typical current delays from the sailcloth manufacturer):
   HydraNet: 90 days
   Fibercon Pro Hybrid: 70 days 
   Pro Radial 40 days
   AP Dacron 40 days
Expected Transit Time - Depending on destination 7-14 days

I contacted QSails the company from which I bought Triradial cut HydraNet sails.  Admittedly, I leveraged my 57 clients (at the time, 57, today nearly 300) to get the best pricing for each of you. QSails has a long history of shipping worldwide. 

Please remember, I do not earn commissions or incentives of any sort from QSails or any other vendor or service provider that I recommend. If you have time, you should look at this. AND, I will only recommend a product or service that I trust, and, that I have experienced great customer service. If you have any questions, please email me, or contact the Owner/Manager directly: Emrah Oge emrahoge@qsails.com.

QSail features for all sails made for Amel owners: 
  1. Laser cutting on HydraNet & Hybrid sails (the laser burns and seals the edges of the cloth enabling single line stitching, reduces wear & tear, and can not be frayed).
  2. Foam Luff on Genoa
  3. Spectra webbing reinforcement for furling at Head, Tack, & Clew.
  4. Sewn Leather Reinforcement of the Clew Ring of welded stainless steel
  5. Kevlar Leech and Foot lines
  6. Premium Tenara® thread
  7. Additional hand stitching on corners of each sail with Dyneema thread
  8. Sunbrella UV panels
All Amel Models are available with these cloths and constructions:

BEST (2 choices) - HydraNet TriRadial Cut is a TriRadial Cut from the German company Dimension-Polyant or Fibercon Pro Hybrid TriRadial Cut from Contender which is equivalent to HydraNet. I consider these to be the best sailcloths in the world...they will not stretch.

BETTER - TriRadial Cut Pro Radial Dimension/Polyant Dacron is a quote for those owners wanting a very high-quality Dacron Polyester fiber sailcloth from the German company Dimension-Polyant. It is cut and assembled in a TriRadial configuration. This is a slightly higher quality sail with the same TriRadial construction that your Super Maramu had when new.

GOOD - CrossCut AP Dacron is a quote for budget-minded Super Maramu owners who would like a Dacron polyester cross-cut sail similar to what Doyle Sails provides.

Other Sails available from QSails:
Asymmetrical (available with an optional Sock or furler. 
Genoa Ballooner SM & some 54s
Mizzen Ballooner SM & 54 (available with an optional Sock (snuffer). I recommend it.
Gennaker with furler SM, 54, 55

Other Amel Models:
Amel Santorin Ketch 
Amel Santorin Sloop
Amel Maramu 

QSails Amel Maramu, Santorin, Super Maramu Catalog: 
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QSails Amel 54 Catalog: 
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How to Order:  The quotes are priced in Euros. Contact QSails Owner/Manager directly: Emrah Oge emrahoge@qsails.com.