Pre-Purchase/Sale Process

  1. You tell me that you want to become I Pre-Purchase/Sale Client
  2. I send you an invoice for $500 USD. 
  3. You pay via PayPal or Bank Transfer
  4. I send you the materials which include:
    1. Yacht School Pre-Purchase Questions for the Current Owner to Answer: The answers to these questions are really important in evaluating any Amel. It is best that they are completed by the owner. These questions are normally NOT liked by boat brokers.
    2. List of Photos to be taken by you: What I am looking for are photos of anything that is mechanical and anything electrical...also wiring bundles and loose wires or added wires. Take photos of any corrosion you notice. I can give you an opinion of the mechanical state of most things with a good clear photo of the outside...pumps, motors, moving rigging, gearboxes, pumps, water maker, switches, engines, heat exchangers, etc. Normally the above requires about 250 photos, but do not be concerned if you take as many as 400. Take photos, checking-off each of the photos on the list, making a note as to how many taken. Create a Folder in your account, upload all the photos to that folder, and then share that folder with Take at least 3 photos of anything electrical or mechanical. I have tried all other methods of photo transfer. is superior to all others. If you do not have an account, it is free.
    3. Yacht School Pre-Purchase Survey Checklist: is NOT a complete list of what should be done on a survey, BUT, a list of things omitted by some surveyors. These are things that you want your surveyor to look at and report to you. If he does not normally include these, ask him to give you at least a verbal report for each. If you use Olivier Beaute, as your surveyor, it is not necessary to give him this list.
  5. I will review and comment on the photos you have taken and report to you a summary of the information from the Owner's Answers to Questions, the Photos, and, for buyers, anything learned from Broker and/or Surveyor Comments.
  6. On completion of my review, the buyer can choose to receive the "Optional Summary Estimate." If you choose this, I will prepare a spreadsheet estimating the cost to return the proposed Amel to Above Average Condition. Likewise, the seller can choose the optional written "Summary of Condition" to be used to establish the value of his Amel with buyers. The cost of these optional buyer's Optional Summary Estimate or seller's Summary of Condition is $100 to $300.
  7. As a Yacht School Client, you qualify for Yacht School Preferred Vendor Discounts on Amel OEM and quality OEM substitute systems, devices, and parts from Yacht School Preferred Vendors. Purchase discounts for our clients include sails, rigging, pumps, some critical engine parts, membranes, Yacht Transport, and others. The discounts range from at least 5% up to 20%. Yacht School is in no way affiliated with these vendors and receives no commission or referral. I leveraged the size of our client base to negotiate discounts for you and you alone. A client recently saved thousands over his best prices from other sources.