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The July 2020 printing of the Amel Book is now available. Since my update
email to you in November 2019, there have been 35 pages added and all of the other pages have been updated. As the SM and 54 get older, there are things that have never needed attention before. The July 2020 Amel Book is the most complete book yet with a growing quantity of information for the 55 and 50. The July 2020 Amel Book is available for printing cost plus postage to clients that currently have an earlier printing. Lifetime Support Clients will be receiving their copies shortly at no cost. This new printing includes all of the pages added or modified AND includes over 280 "Pearls of Wisdom" from Bill Rouse and other experienced Amel owners. It also includes several "Amel Factoid" pages.

New: Amel Book Supplemental Pages. These pages were created because of their importance to some Amel Owners. For various reasons, these files are not included in the Amel Book but can be downloaded. Click on the Supplements button to the left.

The following files are new or revised since September 9, 2019. For Amel Book updates before September 9, 2019, click hereThe order is DATE ADDED - FILENAME. The newest files are at the bottom of this page.

2019-09-12 <<Sept 2019 7th Printing>>
2019-09-15 Amel Masts 

2019-10-28 <<Oct 2019 8th Printing>>

2019-11-22 <<Nov 2019 9th Printing>>
2019-12-26 Galvanic Isolator 
2020-01-01 <<Jan 2020 10th Printing>>
2020-01-17 Rudder Post Packing
2020-01-30 Engine Exhaust Hose and Exhaust Thru-Hull(1992 - Present)
2020-02-01 <<FEB 2020 11th Printing>>
2020-02-03 Outhaul & Traveler Cars and Tracks 
2020-02-03 Amel Fixed Coupling Alignment Tool 
2020-03-27 Windlass - Runaway or not working SN, SM, 54, 55
2020-04-02 Sea Chest Clog and High Water Alarm Switch
2020-04-04 Genoa Car Pulley & Antal Genoa Sheet Car 
2020-04-07 Onan Shutdown Suspected Temp. Switch on Exhaust Elbow
2020-04-23 Amel 54 Lewmar Hatch & Ports    
2020-04-26 Standing Rigging Install and Tune SN SM and 54
2020-05-07 Sea Chest Clog and High Water Alarm Switch revised
2020-05-11 Freshwater Pump & Service- Pressure Switch, SN, SM, 54 & 55
2020-05-13 Sonic Speed Sensor Replacements
2020-05-14 Sonic Speed Sensor Replacement with NMEA SOG
2020-05-21 Volvo TMD22 Exhaust Elbow
2020-05-21 Main Furling Service Late-54 & 55 (revised)
2020-05-21 Outhaul Line – Rigging a new line (revised)

2020-06-04 <<July 2020 13th Printing>> 

2020-06-10 Sail Bending Amel SN, SM, 54, & 55
2020-06-20 Shore Power Connections (revised)
2020-07-12 Suggested Pump Replacements (revised)

2020-07-21 <<Sept 2020 14th Printing>>
2020-07-21 Manual Furler Main & mizzen (revised)2020-

<<<<<End of List>>>>>

Only use the Amel Book after thoroughly reading the Amel Owners and Users Manuals, as well as, the installed component manual from each manufacturer. The Amel Book assumes that you have taken every precaution recommended by Amel and the component manufacturer. Yacht School assumes no liability regarding any contents.

DO NOT PROCEED with anything represented in the Amel Book if you have not familiarized yourself thoroughly with all of the safety warnings which are published in the Amel User and Owner manuals, and published by each component manufacturer. If you have any doubts, call +1 (832) 380-4970 before proceeding