Are all brokers cooperative with Buyers and Sellers?
Most brokers are great, but this is a problem with a few brokers. I have seen this go as far as insisting that an Amel for sale be visited before the requested and needed information is given to the Buyer. In one case the broker insisted on a deposit before releasing information. Those brokers who are not cooperative have been warned by me that I will list them here. Hopefully, I will not have to do that. 
Here is a recent letter I wrote to Selymar Yachts (I do not recommend Selymar) who not only refused to release requested information to a Buyer, but also threatened me with legal action if I made this public (Click Here). 

Email to a broker refusing to release requested information about an Amel:

Ivana Buzov
Selymar Yachts
Put Znjana 3C. Split, Croatia

Ms Buzov,

I will NEVER be intimidated by threats of legal action. My advice is that you should do what you think is best. This is not the first time a client of mine has had an issue with your disclosure of information, but it is the first time that I have been in direct contact with you about this issue. 

My recommendation is that you change your methods because the selling of yachts has changed, especially during COVID. Three years ago I performed very few Pre-Purchase Reviews and had very few Consulting jobs with Amel Buyers. Three years ago the majority of my business was from the sale of my Amel BookTraining Courses, and the 24/7 Support that I provided to Amel owners, worldwide. 

Today, I am involved with more than half of Amel resale purchases, worldwide. I filled a need that Buyers wanted because of difficulties and complexities in the purchase process. The Suppliers and Brokers I recommend enjoy the referrals I make. They understand that I refuse any commission or reward for making the referrals and recommendations. My clients, likewise know that I am a genuine unconflicted third party. I am sure that you are aware that Positive Reviews and recommendations are hard-earned and Negative Reviews can never be controlled by threats or intimidation. AND, the best recommendation someone can have is from a knowledgeable and unconflicted third party. For Amel Owners, Buyers, and Sellers, I am that person.

Remember, this issue started because of your refusal to give the requested information to a legitimate buyer who will buy an Amel in the near future. 

If you have nothing further, I am disappointed and will assume that you will continue to be uncooperative. 

I will act accordingly and in the best interests of all Amel Owners and Buyers, worldwide.


CW Bill Rouse