Amel Book ONLY + Online Updates + Preferred Vendor Discounts

An experienced Amel owner, who does not need 24/7 Support, can purchase the 400-page Amel Book, excluding 24/7 Support - PLUS receive Preferred Vendor Discounts on OEM parts and devices or equivalents. 

You will receive:

- A 400 page Amel Book in a 3-ring custom binder with custom tabs

 -Online updates to your Amel Book
 -Preferred Vendor Discounts on OEM and replacement parts for as long as you own your Amel. 

At any date after purchase, you may add 24/7 Support Annual Subscription

This is not recommended for owners who are new to Amel. I do not know anyone without "Amel experience" who does not need support. This is based on my personal experience when I was new to Amel and my experience with over 120 clients.

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Shipping: US Postal Service "Priority Mail" US $15.05. International Priority: Canada $51.55, Europe $75.35, Honk Kong $77.50,  NZ & AU $86.40

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