If you do not find exactly what you are looking for, I have several clients for whom I have designed a Custom Program. 

1.) Yacht School Consulting & Support:

Free Consulting  
I will share my experience with Amel yachts, or any question I can answer about yachting with you at no cost for 1 hour. If you have any questions regarding anything Amel, I offer a free 1-hour consulting on any subject. Ask anything you may want to ask and get experienced answers. To set a time for your 1-hour phone call, email  I am not connected with Chantier Amel in any way. I am totally independent and receive no commission or incentive from Amel or any other person or entity.

24/7 Support Annual Subscription is available to Amel owners. It is included at no extra cost with the Premium Yacht School Course and the FastTrack Course.
Click for Sample of the Online Amel BookIncluded is 5 years of access to the Online Amel Book. With the addition of the Online Amel Book, some 5 Year 24/7 Support clients may choose to forego the mailings of a new book at each major new printing and rely on downloads of new pages and access to the Online Amel Book. If already have an Amel Book and you opt out of the 400-page filler each time there is a major new printing of the book, the price is reduced from $1800 to $1500. Online Amel Book (click for a sample view)

Single Incident Support is available to any owner at any time, regardless of whether he has an Amel Book, has taken any Amel Course, or is an Amel Owners Yacht School client. Included in the Single Incident Support response are copies of pages and other documents sent electronically. There is no limit as to the amount of time required to reach a recommended solution. Follow-up requests for the same issue are always allowed at no cost. The cost per incident is $100.

Pre-Purchase/Sale Consulting 
Pre-Purchase Consulting does not normally require travel expenses and is normally done via phone and the Internet with the exchange of photos
Pre-Purchase/Sale Consulting includes:
- I will provide you with experienced and unconflicted answers to your many questions before, during, and at the completion of the Pre-Purchase/Sale review.  
- "List of Specific Photos" 
- "List of Owner Questions" 
- "Amel Survey Checklist" to ensure a complete survey
- "Review and Report" for Buyers on the advertised listing material & photos
- "Written Comments" on each photo of the proposed Amel
- "Optional Summary Estimate" or "Condition Report" 
- Yacht School Preferred Vendor Discounts on Amel OEM and quality OEM substitute systems and parts.

2.) Yacht School Courses:
Yacht School Premium Course for New Owners  
The Amel Yacht School Course is performed aboard your Amel and  includes:
Amel Yacht School Course Outline
- The New 400 page Amel Book (Contents Page)

- All  Course materials
- 1 year 24/7 Support
Yacht School Vendor Discounts on Amel OEM and quality OEM substitutes.
The Course is aboard your Amel and for all of your crew. Perfect for couples, or couples with kids...all will learn. 
I will travel anywhere in the world. Extended Support Support is available.

Amel Orientation Cruise with Extras 
1-week cruise on an Amel, Amel Book, and Amel Orientation Training
This learning and Amel orientation cruise cost a couple less than one-half what it costs to charter a cheap sailboat, gives the couple a complete orientation of an Amel Yacht and provides the Amel owner/host with income. I now offer an Amel 7-day Orientation Cruise aboard an Amel with an experienced owner/captain in the US, Caribbean, Mediterranean, French Polynesia, Australia, and New Zealand. The learning portion would follow an Amel Owners Yacht School-approved outline. This course will include special access to my Online Amel Book and an Amel Owners Yacht School "Certificate of Completion." Annual 24/7 Support and Extended and 5 Year 24/7 Support are available to Orientation Cruise Clients. Link here for the Orientation Learning Outline.
Support, Amel Book, Updates, & Discounts
If you have recently purchased your Amel,  I recommend the intensive Amel Yacht School Course aboard your Amel. However, not everyone has the availability, time, and/or budget to take this course. If you choose to not take the Amel Yacht School Course, FastTrack is a pathway to gaining important operating and maintenance information. You also receive 2 years of 24/7 Support which will provide you answers to the situations you will find yourself in because of the lack of training. With FastTrack, new owners of Amel Yachts will receive the 400-page Amel Book, 2 years of 24/7 Support, the Yacht School Training and Orientation Outline for self-education, Owners Manuals, Amel Book Supplements, and substantial Discounts on Amel OEM parts, and 2-years access to the Online Amel BookExtended and 5 Year Support are available. 

3.) Amel Book & the Amel Book Bundled with 24/7 Support:

1 year of 24/7 Support including the Amel Book (Experienced Owner Package) add the Online Amel Book See Pricing Below    


2 years of 24/7 Support including the Amel Book (FastTrack) - also includes 2 years of the Online Amel Book 


5 Years 24/7 Support including the Amel Book also includes 5 years of access to the Online Amel Book *$1500 if you already have an Amel Book and will forego new book fillers shipped with every major printing.  


**I do not recommend the AmelBook without 24/7 Support unless the owner is Amel experienced. 
Shipping: US Postal Service Priority Mail US and US Territories $15.50. 
Priority Mail International : Canada $54.65, Europe $83.65, Honk Kong $81.40,  NZ & AU $89.85

What is included with the Amel Book: 
Regardless of which option you choose, you will also receive:
- Online updates to your Amel Book
- Amel Book Supplements - All of the Amel information I have acquired and compiled with over 3 gigs of information available for download. 
Preferred Vendor Discounts on OEM and replacement parts for as long as you own your Amel.
- Because of the delay in shipping due to COVID-19, you will have temporary access to the Online Amel Book (click for a sample) until you receive the actual book

NEW Online Amel Book This Online Amel Book is included at no charge if you have subscribed to 2 or more years of 24/7 Support. It is updated weekly and has links to over 2,500 individual files regarding your Amel. These files (Supplement) are stored in the Cloud and require the Internet to access them. There are links on many pages and at the end of each of the 5 parts, there is a summary index page of links pertaining to that part. The Online Amel Book is included at no charge with bundles that include 2 or more years of 24/7 Support.

Access to the online book is as low as $100 per year with a 3-year subscription. The Online Amel Book is available to any client of Amel Owners Yacht School and any member of the Amel Yacht Owners Group, regardless of whether they have an Amel Book, or has taken any Amel Course. Your access and password will be emailed within 24 hours of your purchase. 
 - A subscription for 1-Year is $150. 
 - A subscription for 2-Years is $250 ($125/year).   
 - A subscription for 3-Years is $300 ($100/year). 
Your access and password will be emailed within 24 hours of your purchase. PayPal or credit card. Refundable if not 100% satisfied.

Online Amel Book - What you get:
- Access to Online Amel Book Always up-to-date 
- Access to Amel Book Supplements
- Preferred Vendor Discounts on OEM and replacement parts.