Everything that you need to know about Amel Owners Yacht School (formerly Amel School). My wife, Judy, and I enjoyed 11 years circumnavigating the world aboard our 2003 Amel Super Maramu, BeBe. Judy and I logged over 40,000 miles and visited 58 countries. Our Circumnavigation Blog aboard BeBe, SM #387, is at www.svbebe.com. If you are interested in the Cost of Cruisinglisten to an Audio Podcast with Bill & Judy explaining the costs of cruising, follow this link: Bill & Judy "Costs of Cruising" Podcast.

Originally, I called my effort "Amel School" with the slogan, "Prepare to Cast Off." Recently I completed changing the name from Amel School to Amel Owners Yacht School also known as Yacht School. Many of my clients found me because of my reputation of being helpful and supportive of the members of Amel Yacht Owners Group, and/or because of my wife's very well-read circumnavigation blog, s/v BeBe

During our circumnavigation aboard our 2003 Amel Super Maramu BeBe, I became self-taught on almost everything about Amel yachts and the systems installed on Amels. I obtained hundreds of OEM device installation and operations manuals, thoroughly reading every one of these.  When in doubt, I consulted experts at the OEM device manufacturer. Additionally, I networked with dozens of highly experienced Amel owners. I audited Amel employees performing routine maintenance. I created maintenance instructions with illustrations that are used by hundreds of Amel Owners. The culmination of this 11-year effort is my 400 page Amel Book, which I provide, at no charge, to all Yacht School clients taking the Amel Owners Yacht School Course or the FastTrack CourseThe Amel Book is also available to Experienced Amel Owners who purchase 24/7 Support, and available for Purchase without Support. The Amel Book has online updates that are posted as new challenges and solutions are discovered.

Not knowing how to operate, maintain, repair, and replace systems and components will cost owners, who are new to Amel, from hundreds to thousands with each occurrence. And, this is true whether or not the owner hires a typical boat mechanic to do the work. I have seen this total 30,000. My 24/7 Support, coupled with my Amel Book solves the vast majority of these issues. 

I do not claim to know everything about Amel yachts. I learned a tremendous amount in our 11-year circumnavigation. I am learning more each day because, as some Amel yachts get older, new and different issues and solutions are discovered. With over 150 clients, I am in a unique position to help Amel yacht owners because information flows freely between me and my clients. Additionally, I own and moderate Amel Yacht Owners Group which has over 1,200 members, offering additional information. 

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Click the links below. For more information about Amel Owners Yacht School, visit the website: www.amelownersyachtschool.com 

My 400-page Amel Book is FREE with Yacht School Training
Courses and also it’s FREE with my 24/7 Support Packages.
Or, you can purchase the book without training or support.

Correctly operating, maintaining, repairing, and replacing
systems and components is important. Having your personal
consultant available to Support you 24/7 is, at least, comforting,
and can be "priceless." 

I offer 3 different courses. There is one designed for you and
Your budget. My premium course is taught aboard your Amel
And includes all of your crew.

Making an informed buying decision is important to the buyer
and seller. I offer a unique low-cost review that provides a
large amount of information, utilizing common technology.

I leveraged the size of our client base to negotiate discounts for
you on OEM parts and services. A client recently saved
thousands over his best prices from other sources. 

I will travel anywhere in the world to teach my premium Amel Course.
BeBe arriving after crossing the Atlantic and completing 40,000-mile 11-year journey to 58 countries

Amel owners and Amel lovers may be interested in the Amel Yacht Owners Group.